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2012: The year dA turned twelve
For deviantART's 12th birthday, the staff decided to throw a creepy surprise party for Fella. They gathered at Fella's favorite restaurant, The Fancy Ghost of the cat from Alien(1979) Is it dead? I'm sure it's dead, with presents in hand. Llama brought Fella to the door and once they stepped in, all of the staff screamed, "POWDERED TOAST MAAAAAN!!!!" Fella was so shocked that he instantly was swagging the swagger guy with the gigantic... Richard. (Wow, that's a swagging Richard.). He opened his presents to find that Llama had given him 12 goats, which he all married, because it was tradition in his country. He was amazed! He would never forget that night.
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Mlp and the Transformers: First contact Ch. 4
It was a beautiful day in the Everfree forest. The sound of nature could be heard all throughout it. The birds were chirping, the bees were buzzing, but the wonderous sounds of Mother Nature were cut off with the disruptive sounds of engines. The little Volkswagen known as Bumblebee passed through this forest, scaring off any wild life that was near him. He was looking for one thing; civilization. He and the other Autobots had found themselves mysteriously waking up in a cave in an unknown forest. Now they are in need of help, and Bumblebee was tasked with finding it. The Autobot had been traveling in circles though, for he was now lost. He had stopped looking help, and started looking for a way out of this forest instead.
"Ugh..." he grunted has he tried to maneuver his way through some trees, "It's official, nature sucks."
Bumblebee stopped in his tracks and transformed into his robot mode to get a better understanding of his surroundings, "I could've sworn that I passed that same tr
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Mlp and the Transformers: First contact Ch. 3
Inside the Decepticon's underwater base, moments before the unexplained "event" occured...
"Why me?" Starstream asked himself as he stood infront of the entrance to the Decepticon's holding cells. It is here that enemys of Megatron are held captive until an appropriate fate can be decided (most of the time, that fate is death.) And here Starscream was, stuck with guard duty. A few hours ago, the Decepticons managed to achieve their greatest goal; the defeat of the Autobots. They prepaired a sneak attack on their base, where Autobots were either killed or captured. They never saw them coming, Megatron had Soundwave jam all their radars so they couldn't detect them. It was the perfect attack, and here Starscream was stuck with guard duty. Megatron assigned him to make sure all their newly captured prisoners made it to their cells without any trouble.
"How dare he?" Starscream began to complain again, he was now pacing back and forth out of anger, "How dare Megatron make I, the great Star
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Mlp and the Transformers: First contact Ch. 2
Today was a special day in Ponyville. It was a day that caught the attention of almost every pony not just in Ponyville, but Equestria. Today was a day where every pony showed their thanks towards Equestria's kindest pony; Fluttershy. Today was her birthday. Lots of ponies were at her cottage helping set up for her special day. Much to her protest though, Fluttershy was a pony who didn't like attention, so having almost every pony come to her home for a party wasn't her idea of a good time. But it didn't matter, all the ponies wanted to show their thanks for all the kind things the yellow Pegasus had done for them over the years.
The Pegasus ponies were in charge of setting up a banner that read "Happy birthday Fluttershy!" on top of her house and were even helping tie balloons to some of the surrounding trees. Unicorn ponies were in charge of decorations, and Applejack and the earth ponies were setting up the tables for Fluttershy's big day.  
"Err... come on..." Applejack m
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Mlp and the Transformers: First contact Ch. 1
"Wake up Autobot scum!"
Optimus Prime had awoken to the backend of a laser rifle hitting him right in his face. The Autobot leader looked up to see the Decepticon Thundercracker holding him by the neck.
"I said wake up!"
Thundercracker brought Optimus up from his knees to his feet. He was now fully awake, he checked his surroundings to see just where he was at. It was hard to see, his visual receptors were not yet fully functional, so his vision was a bit blurred.
"Are you even paying attention to me?! I'm trying to talk to you!"
Thundercracker was about to hit Optimus again but was stopped when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around to see fellow Decepticon Skywarp, "Careful with him, Megatron said he had something special planned for this one."
Thundercracker was a bit hesitant in letting go of his victim, but he finally agreed, "Fine, let's just take him to Megatron already. Alright prisoner! Let's go!"
The two Decepticons grabbed hold of Optimus by his arms and began taki
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My Little Avengers by Musapan My Little Avengers :iconmusapan:Musapan 1,226 248 Avengers Assemble by BobbyRubio Avengers Assemble :iconbobbyrubio:BobbyRubio 1,270 104 The Avengers VS Star Wars by Renny08 The Avengers VS Star Wars :iconrenny08:Renny08 5,868 969 avengers poster by strongstuff avengers poster :iconstrongstuff:strongstuff 1,539 74 Spider Man and Venom birthday by skottieyoung Spider Man and Venom birthday :iconskottieyoung:skottieyoung 3,928 147 Spongebob Zombie by skottieyoung Spongebob Zombie :iconskottieyoung:skottieyoung 2,011 120 Uncanny Avengers Baby Cover by skottieyoung Uncanny Avengers Baby Cover :iconskottieyoung:skottieyoung 2,109 48 Avengers by zgul-osr1113 Avengers :iconzgul-osr1113:zgul-osr1113 9,797 360 Venom Scratchboard by GatesofIvory Venom Scratchboard :icongatesofivory:GatesofIvory 35 3 Psylocke: X-Force by brianlaborada Psylocke: X-Force :iconbrianlaborada:brianlaborada 474 24 Avengers and Spider-Man by 3PU Avengers and Spider-Man :icon3pu:3PU 63 21 Punisher Vs. Deadpool by Robert A. Marzullo by robertmarzullo Punisher Vs. Deadpool by Robert A. Marzullo :iconrobertmarzullo:robertmarzullo 87 23 defenders by mannieboy defenders :iconmannieboy:mannieboy 33 13 Black Panther, Moon Knight, Daredevil, The Glyph by mikebowden Black Panther, Moon Knight, Daredevil, The Glyph :iconmikebowden:mikebowden 254 30 Wolverine vs The Juggernaut by rustymuldoon Wolverine vs The Juggernaut :iconrustymuldoon:rustymuldoon 10 1
Whether it's the awesomeness of transformers, or the wierdness of regular show, this is the art that's touched me the most. (and is also awesome)



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